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Want to furnish your new office, or change up your old one? You can get whatever you need, plus a $10 coupon, from Office Depot by filling the Office Depot Survey, at

About Office Depot

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Office Depot is a retailer of office supplies, such as ink, paper and toner for printers and photocopiers, plus other office technology. The company, founded in 1986 by F. Patrick Sher, has more than 1,900 stores throughout the world. It employs over 66,000 people to keep up with the customer demands in 59 countries.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online Office Depot Survey

We all have some kind of work, which has a physical location from where we do that work, called the workplace. This workplace needs office supplies that help us with our work, but where do you get those from? From companies like Office Depot. But, not every company given you a $10 coupon for simply telling it what you think of it; except for Office Depot. So, leave your feedback at the Office Depot Survey and get your coupon.

To get the coupon, you must be at least 18 years old, and a legal resident of America. If you meet these conditions, head over to the Office Depot Survey and complete it by following the below protocol:

  1. Turn on your computer and visit from your browser.
  2. The above link will you to the main survey page.
  3. On this page, enter your Survey Code and your Time of visit to Office Depot. For your convenience, all this information is available on your receipt from Office Depot.
  4. Begin the survey and answer all the required questions.
  5. After the questions, you must provide your contact information so you can receive the coupon.
  6. Finally, submit the survey and enjoy the coupon.

Fill Burger King Survey to share your experience

Every company loves to know how the customers feel about them. Similarly, Burger King now offers the customers to share their experience with them online while sitting at home! If you want to share any problems, you can do that too by filling the Burger King Experience Survey!

About Burger King

Burger King also known as BK is an American chain of restraint that serves the best hamburgers. Its headquarters are in Miami-Dade County, Florida. And it was founded in 1954; almost about 64 years ago. There are more than 15000 branches of Burger King in different countries all over the world. The products that the restaurant serves include hamburgers, chicken, milkshakes, breakfast, deserts etc. in 2015, the number of employees that worked for this chain were 34,248. Surely. The number would have been increased since then.

Step by Step Protocol to complete the Burger King Survey Online

Let the company know how was your experience at their branch; so fill the online Burger King Survey by following the steps that are just below

  • Get a device that connects to internet
  • Click open the link that is present at the end of the statement

  • Main page of My Burger King Experience Survey will open ahead of you on anew window.
  • You can choose to see the survey in different languages like Español and François.
  • Start by entering the restaurant number that is on the front of your receipt.
  • Then press ‘Next’ and on a new tab, your survey will open.
  • Start by telling about your experience and answering the questions honestly.
  • If you have any comments or want to share a problem, enter in the comment box.
  • Provide your information and do not worry it is going to be safe with the company!
  • Click on ‘submit’ and then you are done!
  • We thank you for your time.
Christmas Shopping

15 Tips for Christmas Shopping

As Christmas draws nearer, our anxiety and the panicky turmoil of emotions increases. It’s a day to celebrate, have fun and relax, but the rarely happens. What’s the most common thing on people’s minds before or during Christmas? The gifts; the ones you’re going to receive and the ones you’re going to give. And finding the perfect gift for everyone is not just hard, it’s impossible. You’re always going to end up disappointing someone, but does that mean you give up trying? No, that just means you make your Christmas shopping a little smarter and easier to save yourself from all the anxiety and overspending. Need help doing that? We have 15 of the best tips right here:

1.      Make a List

The very first thing you have to do, before going out shopping, is making a list. Make a list of everyone you have to buy gifts for, and the gifts you want to buy if you have some in mind. Then, as you shop around, keep crossing people off the list so you know exactly who is left. This will also ensure that you don’t buy someone multiple things.

Make a List

2.      Set a Budget

Once you have decided who you’re going to buy gifts for, set a budget. It is very important that you stick to this budget to keep yourself from overspending. You may find something you love or you think the other person will love, but if it’s out of your budget, then it’s off the shopping list. Make sure you include your travel expenses and any party you plan on throwing in the budget as well.

3.      No-Gift or Homemade Gifts Policy

If Christmas gifts are out of your budget for the year, then inform your family and friends and make a policy about no gifts or inexpensive gifts, or maybe homemade gifts that don’t put a dent in your wallet.

4.      No Christmas Cards

Same goes for Christmas cards. You don’t need to send fancy, expensive Christmas cards to all your family and friends. You can simply call them or drive over to see the ones who live close-by. If you really must send out cards, make them at home and hand-deliver the ones you can.

5.      Inexpensive Gift Wrapping

Since we’re talking about unnecessary items, we should talk about gift wrapping too. If you’re buying someone a gift, the gift itself should be what matters, not the outer covering that gets thrown in the bin. So, go simple and elegant with your gift wrapping, and you can end up saving a lot of money you would have otherwise wasted.

Gift Wrapping

6.      Buy Tickets Early

Christmas shopping isn’t just about gifts. It’s also about the things you need for a party, if you’re throwing one, or tickets to travel back home if you have to. So, make sure you buy your train or plane tickets well before the Christmas time rolls around, because the nearer the holiday gets, the higher the prices of tickets get.

7.      Use Cash

Always use cash when shopping during the holidays. Using a credit card is like a black-hole; it will keep sucking you further and further in. We often buy things on credit and end up paying them off until the next holiday season comes along. So, avoid the temptation to buy more than you can afford by avoiding credit cards altogether.

8.      0% Credit Card and Cashback Credit Cards

If you really must use credit card, then get a 0% credit card, which gives you 0% interest on purchases for the initial period. Or you can use a cashback credit card or rewards card so you can get something back for spending money.

9.      Compare Prices

Compare all the products you’re buying with other stores and online. You can often find a cheaper deal elsewhere for the same product, saving you from buying things at higher prices.

10. Use Discount Codes

Use discount codes to buy good at a lower price. You can search the web for discount codes specific to a retailer you want or you can use browser plugins that do the work for you; for example, “Honey” for Google Chrome.

11. Use Coupons

You can also use coupons to buy items at reduced prices. However, look out for scam coupons that offer you deals that are obviously too good to be true.

12. Look for Black Friday Sales

Keep a look-out for Black Friday sales when all the major shops and outlets reduce their prices to start the Christmas shopping season. You can even stock up on gift items for next year if you get good deals.

13. Sell Unused Gifts Online

Do you use every single gift you get during the holiday season? No, there are always some just lying around, unused, gathering dust. Well, there’s a better use for them; sell them online on Ebay or similar websites to get some extra money for the next holiday season.

14. Buy Gifts on Ebay

If you can sell your gifts online, then what is on the other end of that equation? Someone buying those gifts. So, why can’t you? You can buy second-hand, barely used gifts, in good condition, online at reduced prices too!

15. Check the Prices of Parcel Delivery

The very last thing you have to worry about when sending gifts to loved ones if the cost of the delivery. Price-check various delivery services so to find the cheapest ones, and make sure to send them well before time so you don’t have to pay extra for urgent deliveries.

Parcel Delivery

Black Friday Shopping

15 Tips for Black Friday Shopping

If Black Friday Is Your Area of Excitement Then You Will Love Some of the 15 Tips for Black Friday Shopping

So, let’s be real. Shopping is something that not only sooths my soul but it probably helps you relax too. The aroma of new possibilities and new prospects of buying things, using them for the first time and knowing that only you own this exact pair. Yes, its addicting and oh-so-amazing. Shopping is amazing but shopping on sale where everything is on a discount price is something that is economical as well as euphoric, well at least for me.

Now there are many holidays that celebrate shopping discounts but Black Friday is a day reserved for discount shopping and buying. I am here to help you and give you 15 easy tips that you can follow while shopping on a Black Friday:

  1. Make sure you get to the store earlier than the opening time, like very early. See the thing is fanatics and people who are really into the Black Friday Shopping spree tent out the night before and if you want to do that then you better be prepared.Black Friday Shopping spree tent out the night
  2. Once you are there organise yourself. Get your eye on the one item you want the most and go for it as soon as the doors open. You will need to prioritise to get what you want.check list
  3. Remember to read the fine print. Once you buy something there is a possibility that it might be fake or not worth the price you are paying. Just be careful as shop owners are very eager to sell the fine print
  4. If you plan on shopping online then make sure you are aware of online schemes and fake stores. As well as if you are using coupons just see if they are valid.scam
  5. Prefer shopping with cash and not credit cards since it will cause you to pay interest and honestly you do not have the time for
  6. Keep your receipt. This is a good advice and I don’t care what you think of me. Keeping the receipt will help you return your product if its faulty or if you received a fake one.Keep your receipt
  7. Have your phone charged to the max so a) you can call your trusted friend if you get stuck in a massive crowd and panic and b) you will be able to see online through apps where the sales and discount is big.charge your phone
  8. If you have placed an item on hold during this time, just make sure that you follow through with it after the Black Friday madness has subsided. If you forget I can guarantee that the store owner will too.order online
  9. Think ahead about which stores you wish to go to. So that you don’t miss out on major discounts and sales while you are rummaging through a small sale store.Black Friday Weekend
  10. If you have saved all year and are wishing to spend it all through your Black Friday Madness then please be smart about it. Don’t fall for flashy sales and stand and think about the big items, such as TV’s, before you buy them. Please.Black Friday Madness
  11. Oh, the most important one, Bring snacks and water. If you don’t have food you will literally die, well not literally but figuratively, well you know what I mean.snacks and water
  12. If you are a bespectacled person like me then, my friend, wear contact lenses. I know its seems silly right now but once you are in a store filled with angry shoppers and looking for your fallen glasses while half blind. That’s when you miss lenses
  13. Go to the store early so that you can scout them for awesome items beforehand.Go to the store early
  14. If you and your friend are planning to go together don’t use cell phones, but use walkie talkies and yes, I know it sounds childish but it’ll help.Cell Phone
  15. Once you get home after the long exhausting day that you have had, take a long relaxing bath and fall in love with all the items you bought with amazing success.Take a long relaxing bath

Well here are some of the tips that will help you in any way and will help boost your much-needed stamina for Black Friday.

Keep Your Identity Safe When Shopping Online

15 Tips Keep Your Identity Safe When Shopping Online

These days a majority of transactions take place online. These days you can purchase anything on the internet; from everyday grocery items to even vehicles!

But as our dependency on the internet increases so do the security concerns that come with it. When you shop online you have to supply the website with your personal information. This opens you up to the risk of identity theft.

Identity theft is a very serious offence. Most countries around the world now have laws in place which aim at punishing identity thieves however the risk of identity theft still exists.

Here are 15 Tips Keep Your Identity Safe When Shopping Online:

  1. Trust Your Instinct

A lot of times the feeling that you have in the pit of your stomach about an online store is the one you should listen to. This is because at times an online store might just seem a little shady to you and it is better to be safe than sorry. This tip may seem obvious but we feel like it cannot be stressed enough hence it is number one in our 15 Tips Keep Your Identity Safe When Shopping Online.

  1. Shop On Your Computer

Unless you are shopping at a big well reputed e-commerce website do not shop on your mobile. This is because mobiles usually do not have anti-spyware software installed while most computers do. Hence, hackers will have an easier time hacking your defenseless mobile.

bank card
  1. Don’t Trust An Open Network

Number three of our 15 Tips Keep Your Identity Safe When Shopping Online is to not connect your phone or laptop to a public wireless internet network as  a hacker could easily gain access to your device through the same network and steal your identity. So if you are at a café and thinking of doing a little online shopping on the complimentary Wi-Fi, think again!

  1. Use a VPN

If you must use a public WiFi then use a VPN. A VPN is an encrypted network which reroutes your data through another server. This is basically a way to protect yourself from hackers who might be using a public WiFi in search of those they can hack.

  1. Virtual Credit Card Number

Number 5 of our 15 Tips Keep Your Identity Safe When Shopping Online is to use a virtual credit card number issued from your bank. This number expires in a certain time period and you can decide on a maximum spending limit. This way you minimize the damages one can incur if you identity is stolen while shopping online.

  1. Secure Networks

To figure if a website is secure or not, just look at the website’s web address. The website should read as ‘https’ and not as ‘http’. If there is no s which follows the http, it is not secure and you should leave immediately.

  1. Password Changes

If you have accounts on major e-commerce websites which you regularly shop on, it is a good idea to regularly change passwords after the interval of a few months. This is because the website will already have your payment details and if a hacker gets hold of your account they can wreak a lot of damage.

  1. Privacy Policy

You need to read the fine print of the privacy policy of every website you visit which asks you to sign up. You need to see what this website will be doing with your data and whether they have the right to sell your data to third parties.

  1. Emails

Hence this brings us to number eight of our 15 Tips Keep Your Identity Safe When Shopping Online; which is to not trust every email you get. Sometimes a hacker might send you an email posing to be a genuine website only to entice you into giving them your payment details so they can steal your identity.

  1. Update Security

You need to make sure you update all the software in your computers that you use for online shopping. Update the firewall, the browser and the operating system whenever the software launches a new update. This is because the newer version has stronger security.

Update Security
  1. Properly Discard Documents

At times people receive their online shopping order and discard the invoice which accompanies it. The invoice at times may have pertinent details about your payment information and hence if some goes through your trash and these documents get in the wrong hands, it could do a lot of damage.

  1. Fake Promotions

There has been a trend in recent years where fake accounts on Twitter or Facebook announce contests to win a popular product. The contest might require some personal details from you to enter. Be wary of these offers as it could easily be a hacker trying to access your personal information.

  1. Pay With Your Credit Card

While your debit card is directly link to your bank balance, your credit card is linked to the credit your bank provides you with. Usually in cases of identity theft in credit cards, the original card holder is not responsible to pay the bank the money that was spent by the identity thief.

  1. Statements

When you get your credit card statements do not just throw them away without reading them. Cross-check every transaction to ensure you were the one who made it and not someone else who has been illegally using your account. Make this a regular habit and a tip you especially remember from these 15 Tips Keep Your Identity Safe When Shopping Online.

  1. Report

If you ever have a bad experience with any company or feel they are involved in suspicious activities report it to the local cyber crime division so they can investigate the matter further. The take away from these 15 Tips Keep Your Identity Safe When Shopping Online should be not to just keep yourself safe from identity theft but other users as well.

These are our 15 Tips Keep Your Identity Safe When Shopping Online. Are there any other tips which you personally use and feel should be mentioned in the article?

Holiday Shopping Mistakes

15 Holiday Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Holiday season is almost upon us, and we all know what that means; shopping for gifts. Whether you start now or two months from now, you can be sure to run into some trouble while trying to find the perfect gift. What if there was a way to avoid holiday shopping mistakes? A way to make the process easier and less expensive? Well, we have not one, but fifteen such ways:

  1. Do not overspend. When you’re making a holiday shopping list, the first thing you have to think about is your budget. And it doesn’t just stop at the gifts you buy for other people; it includes everything from your ticket fare back home, to party material you buy for an office or house party. Keep a constant look on your budget and spending so you don’t go above it.
  2. Don’t use a credit card to buy things on credit. In fact, don’t use a credit card at all. Why? Because you tend to overspend when you have the option of putting everything on credit, which leads to you paying for the gifts and the holiday way past their purchase card
  3. Make sure in your rush to buy everything you don’t forget the people you’re buying for. How can you do that? Make lists; of people you want to or have to buy gifts for, of things you need to buy, of everything you have to do before or on the day of the holiday. Keep crossing off the people you have bought a gift for so you don’t forget anyone.
  4. Don’t buy the first thing you see. Often, in a bid to complete your shopping as quickly as possible, we tend to overlook the importance of comparing the product we want to buy with other shops that sell the same thing. If you want the best price for your purchase, make sure you compare the price in other stores and online.
  5. Don’t buy extravagant gifts just to impress people. You may think you don’t need the money you’re spending on someone’s gift, but you never know. And you should be buying a gift that is thoughtful and shows you care about the person, instead of buying the most expensive gift to impress them.
  6. Do not delay your shopping to the last minute. Holiday rushes are the worst part of shopping during that period, and not just because of the crowds; most stores would have run out of the best products, leaving you to choose from the leftovers. So, start your holiday shopping as early as possible to make sure you get the best of everything for everyone.
  7. Include your holiday shopping expenses to your yearly budget to avoid situations where you have to take money out of your other savings. Make sure you keep setting aside money for all the holiday shopping you’re going to do in that year.
  8. Do not spend too much money of gift wrapping paper. The tendency of most people is to make sure their gift looks as expensive on the outside as it is on the inside. But, you don’t need expensive paper that the receiver of the gift is just going to throw away
  9. Do not shop when you’re in a bad mood or are experiencing negative emotions like panic or guilt. Buy gifts that mean something to you and the person you’re giving them to, and that they’ll cherish; not ones to alleviate your own sense of guilt or something similar.
  10. Do not increase people’s expectations. If you think you won’t be able to get good gifts, or any gifts at all that year, then tell them that. You can make a “no gift” policy for your parties or family, or have a DIY-present theme if you are on a tight budget.
  11. Do not make the whole holiday about gifts. Celebrate the holiday for what it is, instead of what it gets you.
  12. You don’t have to buy everything at the full price. Look for discounts before the holiday season and buy gifts at a discounted price to avoid going over your budget.
  13. You easy buy multiple gift items in packs and divide them up into individual packets for gifts. This way you can get the perfect gift items at a reduced price.
  14. Go for handmade gifts, such as homemade treats like cookies. You get better quality and price than pre-packaged gifts.homemade cookies
  15. Use coupons! Coupons are just for grocery stores; you can get great deals and prices by using coupons to do your holiday shopping.
Online Shopping

15 Best Tips for Online Shopping Safety

How do you shop for the things you need? Do you go to the nearest store and find everything there? Do you go shop by shop to search for the exact thing you are looking for? Or, are you smart enough to do it all at home? Online shopping is that revolutionizing phenomenon which disrupts the whole industry. When you can get everything you could ever want at the click of the button, the whole world becomes your very own department store.

However, online shopping isn’t always as easy as it sounds. With so many people now choosing to shop online, especially around the holidays, the market has increased beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. More sales occur online than ever before, which means, people with bad intentions have a bigger opportunity to take advantage of all the personal data going around. But, that does not mean that you give up on online shopping. No, that just means you have to be more careful while enjoying the perks of shopping from home. Just as you would be careful while walking around a mall with a wallet full of cash. Here, we have 15 of the best tips we could gather to keep you safe while you shop online:

  1. Make sure the website you are using is secure and that it possesses a valid encryption certificate. How can you check that? By looking for a lock icon before the website’s address in the address bar. If the website is secure to use, the lock icon will be green and locked, which is often guaranteed by a known organization such as Symantec Corporation. If a website lacks this green, locked icon, then the security level of the website is not high and should be avoided.Amazon
  2. The best way to avoid unsecure websites is to use website you are familiar with and other people have vouched for. Or, you can use websites for reputable stores to decrease the likelihood of running into security issues.
  3. You need to make sure that not only the website you’re using is secure, but that your system is secure too. For that, you should ensure the most recent security and system update and patches are installed on the device you are using.
  4. Another way to ensure your computer or device is secure by installing a reputable and efficient anti-virus software, such as AVG, Norton, Avast, or others. You can either choose the free versions for basic protection or you can buy the complete program for full protection.
  5. Then, you can also install an ad-block plugin in your browser to add an extra level of security to your shopping experience. These plug-ins help keep the risks of viruses and spyware to a minimum, by blocking all dangerous ads usually present on online shopping websites.adblocker
  1. If an ad or link bypasses the ad-block plugin, make it a habit to never click on any unfamiliar links. Whether these links are on a website you’re using to shop online, or in an email you received, do not click them unless they are from a source you trust.
  2. If you plan to shop online regularly, it is preferable if you don’t use a credit card that is linked directly to your personal bank account(s), including BitCoin and PayPal.
  3. Make sure you always monitor your credit through a third party source before and after transactions. Check the credit periodically if you shop online a lot.
  4. Set up SMS and Email alerts for your credit card through the credit card company, so you can be notified of all your card’s activities. You can set up the terms and details of the notifications by discussing it with your company.
  5. When checking out, do no answer any privacy or security questions. The only details you should be providing while checking out are your Name, Address, and Phone Number.
  6. Only use trusted networks on your computer or device when shopping online. If you are using a WiFi connection, make sure it is secure. You can check that by ensuring the connection requires a password to use it. If it doesn’t, then it means that your traffic can easily be monitored and stolen by outsiders.
  7. Use strong passwords that are difficult to guess. You should choose passwords that others can’t guess, but that you can remember so you don’t need to write them down anywhere.
  8. If offered, always use two-factor verification and authentication.
  9. Be careful of scam offers around the holidays, for example, coupons for getting a free product on a purchase of another product. Some of these deals may be authentic, but if a deal is giving away a free iPhone, then it’s definitely too good to be true.
  10. If a store has a mobile app, such as Amazon, use the app to do your shopping instead of using the website since apps are harder to hack and misuse.


Grocery Shopping Trip

15 Tips to Plan Your Best Grocery Shopping Trip

Just remembered you were missing some ingredients on that amazing dish you had planned for dinner? Well, that makes it seem like you might need to rush on over and make a trip to your closest grocery store. The next time, maybe you should try and be a little more organised when it comes to all of your grocery shopping needs? Well, you can start by following these tips to make your grocery trips worthwhile. Here are the 15 Tips to plan your best grocery shopping trip:

  1. Lists are Essential:

As with anything else in life, the first step in organisation is using a simple aid – lists. You may think, why bother? I can remember everything! Well, trust me, unless you have the power of super memory, you are bound to forget something, sooner or later.

Lists are Essential

  1. Plan ahead and make a Budget

Now that you know exactly what you want to get through your grocery list, you can actually sit and decide on a budget for this month’s grocery. Use this time to wonder what exactly is essential, what you can save money on, and how you can best use the amount on hand to take care of all needs.

Plan ahead and make a Budget

  1. Don’t trash the Receipts

As with a lot of things in life, it’s a good idea to keep records of all of the money that you spend. This way, when you’re making the budget for the next month’s grocery, you can have all the information on hand to decide exactly what falls right into your month’s finance.


  1. Keep using Coupons:

If you’re using coupons to use while you shop, you may sometimes feel like you’re doing more work than it’s all worth. But at the end of the day any amount of cutting can be worth the time when you get amazing discounts. Now, you can even use apps to get the work done!


  1. Get things in bulk

When it comes to buying in bulk, provided that it is something you need, you’ll almost always be happy to have a spare at home. Save for perishables, almost all your grocery store needs can be stocked away nicely and you end up saving money in the long run!

things in bulk

  1. Don’t overspend on Useless Discounts

Taking from the point above, don’t get too excited when you see adverts for sales or coupons. If you’re spending money on something you don’t need, even if it is a discounted price, at the end of the day you aren’t getting what you paid for. Use that money for something you need instead!

fruits and vegetables

  1. Don’t make trips for 1-2 items

By the time you get to this point, you should be thinking about how you can end up saving on other costs. One way is to plan your grocery in a way that you can make trips for more than just 1-2 items. This way you save costs on gas and keep a monthly schedule.

Grocery Shopping


  1. Compare products

Gonna go to your local market for groceries? Although that’s a good option to avoid issues with the gas prices, it is also a good idea to visit other markets some time and compare their prices!

Compare products

  1. Plan out the week’s meals

If you are going shopping for all of your ingredients next week, the best way to go shopping and get all your work done at the same time is to plan out exactly what you want next week. That way, when it come to the cooking, you’ll always be prepared beforehand!


  1. Avoid peak hours

One huge hassle that can come with going to the grocery store? The huge crowds of people all hoping to fill their pantry up with the best foods and drinks. If you visit late at night or early in the morning, you can avoid them altogether and shop at peace!

Avoid peak hours

  1. Keep an eye on your receipt

So you’re at the grocery store, your basket in hand. You want to go get the bread that you need at home, but from the corner of your eye you can just make out that amazing chocolate you love… well, you need to snap out of it! Stick to the receipt or you’ll start impulse shopping!

Stick to the receipt

  1. Learn about food labels

If you’re buying new products for the first time, don’t just get things blindly. Look through the information, price, and the nutritional data on the label for more details.

food labels

  1. Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry

Here’s a tip that’ll save your from lots and lots of money lost – never go shopping when you are hungry, or when you’ve just eaten. Go when you’re feeling neutral, so you’re not too hungry to want everything, or too full to detest anything that looks like food!


  1. Don’t miss out, get a rain check!

Did you just go to store and find out they’re out of whatever you wanted to buy? The solution is simple, just get a rain check. The next time the stock comes in, you’ll get a chance to get what you wanted!

get rain check

  1. Become familiar with your grocery store

Once you know where everything is at the store, you don’t have to go through the whole market just to get to small items. You can save on money and impulse buying costs if you know what you’re doing and can access exactly what you want.

grocery store

Save Money While Shopping

15 Tips to Save Money While Shopping

We all know someone who can go a little over the top when it comes to shopping. Whether it’s physically visiting your favourite clothing store, or checking out the newest shoes online, we all do it one way or another. So the question arises – why not save money while you’re at it? Below you can explore the 15 tips to save money while shopping!

  1. Go in with a Plan

So often with shopping, the biggest hurdle is that you tend to just go for the sake of it – this means you are open to buying anything, which can lead to impulsive shopping, and trust me, that’ll come back to hurt you later.

Go in with a Plan

  1. Know the competition

You might really like something at one store, but don’t lock down on it so easy. Before you confirm what you want to buy, be sure to look around and make sure there isn’t a competitor selling the item at a lower price.

Know the competition

  1. Bring money as needed

While some of us might be good at budgeting, others may find it a little harder. A nifty trick to use in this case is to keep just the amount of money you are willing to spend in your wallet to keep yourself in check!

Bring money as needed

  1. Look out for discounts

Shopping’s not just about saving money all the time, but the part where you do can be a little fun right? So keep tabs on sales, discounts, and special offers, and when you want to get what’s necessary, save some money too!

Looking for discounts

  1. Look up the store’s reviews

User reviews may not be the most reliable source of information, but they are usually pretty indicative of the kind of service you will receive. If the store has treated a lot of customers well, chances are you will have a similar experience too!


  1. Think things through

The three words above should be your mantra while shopping. Before you make a purchase, ask yourself if this is indeed something useful that’ll contribute to your life in any positive way. If the answer is yes, shop away!

Think things through

  1. The right state of mind

To be able to shop keeping a budget in mind, you need to make sure you’re at the right place of mind in your head. Make sure you’re thinking it all through, and that you’re not just binging because you are bored.

The right state of mind

  1. Look online

Another place you can find cheap and easy ways of saving on the cost of your shopping spree? Try online shopping. You can look for cheaper rates at a click, and even get special discounts/offers.

Look online

  1. Don’t just try to take advantage of sales

A lot of times when we hear something is on sale, we tend to think we need it right away. The truth is, unless sit’s an essential product, you probably will end up losing money if you spend it here instead of on a thing where it is actually needed.

Don’t just try to take advantage of sales

  1. Sometimes, haggling works

In a lot of places, standard rates don’t really apply the same way. So if you feel you are being given a bad deal, feel free to ask for a better rate!

Sometimes, haggling works

  1. Get the best rates, off season

The pressure to fit in with this season’s styles is intense, I understand. But if you can compromise on some things, you can actually find some great clothes at the end of the season can really help you save a lot of money!

Get the best rates, off season

  1. Bust out your creative side

It’ll be work, but sometimes a little DIY can help you a long way. You may need to be investing time and effort, but you’ll come out with something you like, and you’ll be saving on the cost of it along the way!

Bust out your creative side

  1. Don’t get seduced by beautiful labels

A lot of times, beautiful packaging and pretty fonts can affect the way we think. We may not want something, but just find it too beautiful to ignore. This is a marketing tactic – and one you need to be wary of. Don’t buy things just because they look pretty, unless they have some use.

Don’t get seduced by beautiful labels

  1. Reduce your delivery fee

If you are buying online, make sure you take down your delivery fee – all you need to do is buy in bulk. Make sure you have all your orders, then buy them all at once to avoid repeated costs.

Reduce your delivery fee

  1. Consider all of the factors riding on you

At the end of the day, you’ll be making a decision about shopping. If you have doubts about something, put it down, and come back later. You will eventually make the right decision on what you want, or need, and how to differentiate between them.

Consider all of the factors riding on you